We offer Gwalior Mint Sandstone slabs in diverse thicknesses for making pavers and flagstones for different size specifications. We have our own hand cutting operations at mint quarries. The slabs have common applications in paving and patio areas, they are globally accepted for use in landscaping construction.
Gwalior Mint Sandstone Slabs Dealers in Indore
Various surface finishes- natural, honed, sandblasted and antique. Mint sandstones provide a wonderfully exotic look to this sandstone. Light cream is base textured with beautiful patterns.

Gwalior Mint Sandstone slabs availed in Madhya Pradesh introduces an interesting shade. These slabs are highly demanded by architects and builders for interior and exterior wall cladding and flooring. They are used for flooring area with different finishes such as sawn polish, mirror polish, sandblast polish and more. The supreme characteristics of Mint sandstone slabs include high tensile strength, uniformity and supreme compressive strength.

We use the best machinery to manufacture Mint Sandstone slabs in India. With continuous research, we have been enhancing the quality of products that have satisfied our customers. Customized slabs are available as per customer’s requirements.

Gwalior Mint Sandstone Slabs Manufacturers in Jaipur

Gwalior Mint Sandstone Slabs Features

  • Smooth finish
  • Beautiful texture
  • Longer life
  • Weather and rust proof
  • Customized solutions
  • Advanced designs
  • Beautiful appearance to the interiors

Gwalior Mint Sandstone Slabs Applications

  • Garden accessories
  • Paving
  • Handicrafts
  • Garden equipment
  • Outer construction or decor
  • Hotels, restaurants, and houses