Shivpuri Sandstone Dealers in JaipurWe are a premier supplier of Shivpuri sandstones in India that are popular for exceptional quality and shades. Sandstone is an outstanding building stone for use as flooring or paving material. Mixed color with beautiful texture is ideally suitable for interior and exterior and suitable for use at all temperatures.

Shivpuri Sandstones made in Gwalior are an outstanding building stone for use in interior and exterior applications. They are widely used for carving and architectural applications for example pillars, arches, garden furniture, landscaping and stone arts.

We offer Shivpuri sandstones at wholesale price to style your house and garden. The unique and quality sandstones are approved by the government of India. We maintain the state of art machines and equipment at the mining sites to produce high-quality sandstones for your application.

These sandstones are mainly found in Madhya Pradesh and are extensively exported. They are popularly used in residential houses, commercial buildings, and hotels. The stones are processed with beautiful surface finishes providing natural to exotic look. Looking for a timeless style, Shivpuri Sandstones attract architects for their sleek and contemporary appearance. Additionally, wherever they are placed, the stones protect your place from the harsh climates such as heavy rain, blistering heat, and snow. The contemporary sandstones are designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues that make them suitable for diverse applications.

Shivpuri Sandstone Features

  • Resistant to weather
  • Easy to work with
  • Ideal for use as building and paving material