Modak Sandstone in Kolkata

Modak Sandstone in Kolkata – optimum material for you

Stone India is a unique Modak Sandstone supplier in Kolkata that harvests one of the optimum natural stones from the natural quarries in different parts of the world. Our experienced craftsmen use effective & unique design and manufacturing skills to create wonderful Modak Sandstone. We are an inspiration to people who are in the architectural industry for exciting stone designs that we have created.

We can provide you with the look that you want

We provide our products for fireplaces that are a natural gathering place for people. We create Modak Sandstone from natural stone that are cost-effective and easy to install. Corners are an essential detail that is required to choose a stone from a fireplace. Stone India is a committed Modak Sandstone processor in Kolkata whose intelligent staff captures every detail and concept for making a perfect corner. We use authentic natural stone to form Modak Sandstone as it has various colors with natural tones. We can provide various types of looks to your surroundings including colonial, modern, rustic, contemporary and old world space. We provide you with design and color that suits your project. Colors that we offer include ochre, white, charcoal, ivory and many more. Our experts match these colors with the available designs and bring out the best combination. Our experienced team works closely with our customers to complete the project in an effective and efficient manner.

Our commitment to excellent customer service

Stone India is a versatile Modak Sandstone manufacturer in Kolkata who deals in various types of projects including residential and commercial. We are focused on providing excellent customer service and high quality products to our customers so that they build strong business relationship with us. We continuously strive to increase our Modak Sandstone variety in terms of colors, textures and designs. We provide our services to masonry, homeowners, hardscape professionals and many more. We have trained & skilled sales staff who will guide you through all the options so that you can choose the one that is suitable for you.