Teakwood Sandstone in Jaipur

Our commitment towards excellence of Teakwood Sandstone

Stone India is a popular manufacturer of Teakwood Sandstone in Jaipur who is known for authentic and high quality products for years. Our skilled people carefully cast color and hand-finish the Teakwood Sandstone to create beautiful products that add to the décor of your home. We are committed to excellence in designing, development and manufacturing of Teakwood Sandstone. Our efforts have made a great impact on the growth of the architectural stone industry in India and the whole world.

High quality Teakwood Sandstone products in Jaipur

Stone India has established its name in the architectural industry on the basis of its strong relationships with our clients. We are focused on providing high quality products using excellent design and perfect manufacturing. We maintain high quality by working with honesty and sincerity. Our hard work has helped us build a strong relationship with our clients all over India. We are a renowned stone manufacturer in Jaipur who have earned trust from our clients.

Hard work & Perfection

Stone India creates realistic molds for making stone products and has combined with various franchises to become an International brand in the architectural stone industry in the world. Our products are authentic, natural and beautiful because of our belief in hard work and perfection. Our craftsmen in Jaipur cast every piece of stone from a special mold of an actual natural stone. They sort through tons of stone, piece by piece, carefully selecting the rocks that have the desired shape, size, texture and detail. We have excellent manufacturing facilities that are capable of capturing every textural detail of the stones.

Teakwood Sandstone Variety of color tones

Stone India provides Teakwood Sandstone in various colors that are unsurpassed in the architectural industry. Our trained artisans carefully paint each stone piece-by-piece using their hands. We use high quality natural mineral oxides to infuse the surface with rich and authentic tones. We provide you with Teakwood Sandstone in variety of colors such as mossy greens, golden umbers, hints of rust, russet browns etc.