About Us

, About Us

STONE INDIA is one of the prominent names engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Gwalior & Kota stones. We are also one of the leading Natural Stone processors and traders in India who process and export a variety of Indian stone-like Sandstone, Limestone, Slate, Mosaic, Pebbles, circles, Stone Palisade, granite, etc. These stones are processed in our manufacturing units and are made available in various finishes like natural, sawn, honed polished, sandblasted, tumbled, calibrated, and other finishes that are in demand. These stones are processed either by hand or, by machines producing exceptional quality hand-cut or, machine-cut edges which can then be used for paving, flooring, walling, and wall-cladding, etc.

Who We Are

We have more than 25 years of experience as a Natural Stone processors and traders. This has helped us in building very strong relations with the various factories and suppliers all over India. Thus we can source any stone at a very low-profit margin for our customers. We are inclined towards understanding your requirements and then fulfilling them to your satisfaction.

We do not confine ourselves to taking orders and delivering them. Instead, we believe in a long-term relationship with you and hence are always available to help you in the selection of the right material. We give you complete peace of mind by taking care of aspects like quality control, timely deliveries, fast and correct communications, assistance with shipments, and immediate responses to your queries.

Our Team

Our Organization is a closely-knit group of dedicated professionals who are highly motivated and are always ready for any challenges that they might encounter. We believe in providing excellent quality stones at competitive prices along with impeccable services to our customers, thus building a long-term relationship.

Warehousing and Packaging

All stones that are produced and processed in North India are normally exported from the Mundra Ports while the stones that are processed in Southern India are exported from the Chennai port in Tamil Nadu or from Mumbai port in Maharashtra. Just as we ensure that we do not compromise our quality we are also very particular about the delivery time and schedules. Since our experience and evidence show that these ports are extremely fast in their dispatch processing activities and are very efficient, we decided towards using these ports for our exports.

Sources of Stones

These Natural stones are sourced from various quarries all over India. This is done by our trained field staff who primarily control the production and quality of these stones that are procured. Since producing and processing all varieties of stones cannot be done in a single factory located in a particular location, Gwalior in our case owing to the huge cost of transportation that would be involved, we also buy processed stones from factories located in and around the quarries. In such cases, we take extra care to ensure that the stones procured are exceptional in quality and meet our standards. This is done by our field staff, thus ensuring that we do not compromise on our quality.